Build your ISBU Dream Home

Tiny home living isn't for everyone. In fact, it isn't for most.  That is why we specialize in larger models.  METCON Spaces views anything where two containers or more are joined in as a full size home. This is due to the increased work required in installation.  Don't worry, we're up to the task. 

Here is a simple checklist of items that must be considered when building a larger ISBU home.  Not all items are covered, and not all are applicable. This is just a list to help you get started. Anything that is more than one container requires the following;

During Construction

  •  Site Engineering

  •  Site Survey

  •  City Permits and Fees

  •  Environmental Impact Studies

  •  Architectural Engineering, every install is a bit different

  •  Septic Installation and Engineering or Sewer Connection 

  •  Well or Water Tap

  •  Electrical with Pole or Underground Install and Meter

  •  Pier Foundation Installation

  •  Heavy Machinery (Cranes, Bobcat, etc...) 

  •  Welding Containers, both to each other and to the foundation

  •  Interior Drywall and Paintwork at Marriage Lines

  •  Crossovers for power and plumbing between sections

  •  Exterior Deck and Entry work

Construction Complete


This is most of the contributing factors to the installation costs, but worry not!  METCON Spaces and our PCD's (Personal Construction Director) has you covered.  We've "been there, done that" and have your easy button!


This is a selection of a few of the custom homes we offer. We have MANY more models to choose from.  Please CONTACT US for more info.

The "Hacienda"

(#1920-632A) This home is designed to be the PERFECT live/work/play location.  The 2-story wing of the home is a very well thought out, 2 bedroom 2 bath main living area. The central wing is designed to be a library with fantastic views and lots of natural light as well as an office or guest bed that opens to a private balcony. A smaller wing opposite the 2 story is a climate controlled/open air, studio/gallery/second office/guest suite. This thoughtful design is an ideal sanctuary.


Starting at $337,400 Home pictured has 960 sf decks and spiral stairs included. (construction, transport and zen garden not included, est $42K)

The "High Tower"

(#1600-632A) Breathtaking view, and a place to literally rise above it all. The 3rd story balcony gives 800 SF of exterior living space 20' above ground level. This 1600 sf 3bd/2ba also has additional 5 porches off the 2nd and ground floors giving a total of 1050+ square feet of exterior living space. Views from each bedroom are fantastic, and the design allows for loads of natural light in all living areas.  Not a bad seat in the house. 


Starting at $287,450 Home pictured has a 1050 sf decks and spiral stairs included. (construction and transport not included, est $43K)

The "Safe Harbor"

(#960-332A) Want a fantastic, forever home that wont break the bank?  This is the way to go. This 960 sf 3bd/2ba is designed for efficient, group living.  This is a fantastic way to own a beautiful, durable home that free's up your dollars so you can do what is important to you!


Starting at $152,725 Home pictured has a butterfly roof $7k, Front Deck $3.5K, sliding 12' front door $2K, and stone/porcelain siding which is priced per finish. (construction and transport not included, est $30K)

The "Bed & Breakfast"

(#902-222A) We designed this home to live HUGE with investors AND renters in mind.  With spacious bedrooms and smart use of space, this floor plan is sure to bring rave reviews, and/or fantastic returns on investment! This home is pictured with optional front and rooftop deck.


Price as pictured is $127,800 (construction and transport not included, est $25K) 

The "North Shore"

(#640-222A) This is the entry model of the Ho'omaluhia line of homes. Starting at 640 sf, these homes can go anywhere from a 2 bed/2 bath to an 1,804  4 bed/3 bath. Designed for value and maximum efficiency, these models live HUGE. This family is absent of hallways, and other "wasted space" areas. The model rendered has optional siding and a sloped roof.


Price as pictured is $104,800 (construction and transport not included, est $25K) 


Below is a quick guide to help you understand our costing structure

Home Pricing Guide

Many people come with a set of plans in hand, or "saw this cool home on Pinterest" and want a quote to build.  Here is a quick reference chart that figures the cost of your model for you, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

20' x 8' HC - 160SF - $38,900

40' x 8' HC - 320SF - $51,900

45' x 8' HC - 360SF - $53,400

53' x 8.5' HC - 451SF - $63,900 

  - This does not include installation. Everyone's land is different, but plan for around 30K unless we're building on a cliff or at the coast.

  - This does not include accents and deck work. Unless specifically stated.  We love wood and stone accents, and decks are what makes these homes pop.  Just plan on $15/sf as a safe number for both. 

  - This does not include shipping. Logistics costs change daily, and we aren't here to make money on padded shipping costs, we're here to help people own their dream home.  Inside Texas, plan for about $1500 a container average.  Outside... let us quote it.