Area Managers -

Help METCON Spaces spread throughout the United States.  We have opportunities for expansion nationally! 

Being an area manager means overseeing a group of passionate individuals help our customers attain the dream of living in our amazing, up-cycled ISBU units. It also means being responsible for the facilitation of the sale and installation of the project of any size on their land.  If they need a location for their new home, or financing to make it all happen, an area manager needs to make sure their team has the resources and correct information to make it happen and that the processes are all working smoothly, 

Consultants -

Work directly with METCON to help bring Container housing to everyone! 

Housing consultants should be seasoned professionals that have a general understanding of finance, construction, and the home-buying process.  They can access the resources and information to handle every question and concern about one of our clients may have regarding our homes. They are also able to ask insightful questions and help discover clients wants and needs, and craft them into a structure that fulfills them all. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, reach out to us with your information below, and come on board with us. 

Thanks for the interest! We'll get back to you shortly.